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Supporting the Foundation of Success

NENSA is the starting point for a tremendous amount of success. For us, success is stewarding the joy of skiing intrisic to our community. That success shines most brightly in the scores of life-long-skiers that are involved, engaging the NENSA mission to sustain our vital and active nordic skiing community. While New England has a long history of building skiers, coaches, and volunteers dedicated our sport, NENSA has now been around long enough - nineteen years - to be seeing a generation of "lifers" who literally grew up in the NENSA system. Their success reflects on the power of NENSA and what we are providing to the current generation of young skiers.

Your contribution to the NENSA Annual Fund will go a long way in providing unrestricted financial support for these programs, supporting our foundation of success.

We believe the healthy lifestyle and love of skiing fostered by NENSA's programming - from our award-winning youth and family focused programming to the EasternCup Series -  is priceless. But it does come at a cost. Without a lead sponsor we are in a tough spot to keep it all going. We need a little more help from you to bridge the gap.

Donate today, and support the foundation upon which so much success is built.

... AND, your contribution here may be tax deductible!

As required by Federal tax laws, please be advised that NENSA provides no goods or services in consideration, in whole or part, for this contribution. The value thereof, may therefore be tax-deductible. NENSA Tax I.D.# 02-0484887.

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